Concert’s Reviewed


10 years ago Exile was released and ground shaking aggression was on tap all the way.  This year it is played in it’s entirety.   When they hit the stage it is nothing less then perfect.  The sound was amazing and the stage was back lite the entire show.  If this was intestinal it worked.  The focus was all on the music and the band delivered in spades.  If you get a chance to see them do it.

Gemini Syndrome

Formed in LA in ’10, they have made a huge impact on metal.  The lyrics are compelling and well thought out.  The music runs a mix of heavy to melodic.  I could spend the next few days telling you how good they are.  As well as scratching my head on why for metal sake they are not blowing it up everywhere.  The albums are one thing.  The performance in powerful and engaging.  Since ’10 they have been one of my top 5 favorite groups.  Do not hesitate to catch them live.  I saw them recently as a supporting act.  They played for an hour and it needed to be more.  The entire library please at every show would be just fine.