Concert’s Reviewed

Gemini Syndrome

Formed in LA in ’10, they have made a huge impact on metal.  The lyrics are compelling and well thought out.  The music runs a mix of heavy to melodic.  I could spend the next few days telling you how good they are.  As well as scratching my head on why for metal sake they are not blowing it up everywhere.  The albums are one thing.  The performance in powerful and engaging.  Since ’10 they have been one of my top 5 favorite groups.  Do not hesitate to catch them live.  I saw them recently as a supporting act.  They played for an hour and it needed to be more.  The entire library please at every show would be just fine.


This is under the category of metal done right.  Blasting out of the north, Alberta, the boys deliver a satisfying shred fest.  It is a refreshing show of melting riffs, heavy kick and vocals that are crushing.  Under rated all the way and worthy of festival after festival.  Go support them.  You will not be disappointed.

Metal Allegiance 

Hands down, I say hands down this show was the one to go too.. The bad boy was held at The Grove in Anaheim.  This will be the show to set the standard for the rest of the year.  If you ever, ever get a chance to see this you need too.  It was an onslaught of all star power from beginning to end.  It was the epic smack down of metal perfection.

Last in Line

The show was in Orangeville  California and it was my dream concert.  I was at the ’82 Dio show in Fresno CA and was blown away.  This was the show I’ve been waiting for since then.  THIS IS THE BAND MAN.   Same sound, same energy and the songs, flawless.  The new Last in Line album is killer and hearing it live was even better.  Thank you to the boys in the band for giving it all.

Aftershock ’16

This is the 5th installment of a California destination festival.  The line up, the vendor’s and the lay out is nothing but perfect.  I could spend a day letting you know how blown away everyone was for the weekend.  So all I’ll say for now,,,, You need to go next year.

Act of Defiance

I was looking forward to this show for months.  The line up alone guaranteed an amazing night.  They didn’t disappoint.  Even though the crowd was lean they played for a couple of hours with the energy of a stadium show.  When the cover of Metallica came up.  The lead singer of Hatchet started a mosh pit and the Hatchet guitarist traded riffs on stage. Hatchet is alway alway the best live.  This is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to catch’m and they brought the building down.  A must see on both bands.

Megadeth,Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies, Metal Church, Butcher Babies

 This was an amazing show.  I put’m all on the top line because they all need to be.  Each band was the best I’ve seen this year.  Energy, Sound, the whole shebang.  I could right a book on each of the bands.  So I’ll just say if you are near any of them or this tour.  GO…

Ozzfest Meets Knotfest

Once again the two day festival was memorable on many levels.  Saturday had the classic Ozzfest feel through and through.  The music was perfection on all stages.   Sunday was a wild sand blasted day of sand tornadoes and 30 mile an hour winds.  The music fit as well.  Each band endured like veterans.  The camping was killer.. I highly recommend the RV camping.  A serious must.  Over all….. Bring this combination back.  I’ll show up with my 40 friends every time.


Amon Amarth

For those true to the Viking way.  You will feel the need to through on the Viking Helmets and raise a glass.  Every part of this show is epic.  The band starts by hitting you hard and never let’s up.  Visually, you know your in the right place and the sound is perfect.  Ya, I’m a huge snob when it comes to the sound.  Every time .. perfect.   Yes they did have a couple of guys beating the heck out of each other during some songs.  You could hear the hits from the back of the auditorium.  EPIC…. Put on your helmet, paint your face and see them.



The trio is super tight.  The cool thing about good bands is they know how to start off right.  Hitting hard with the latest single and never letting up.  Great energy and endless tunes.  I don ‘t think they stopped playing?  In small clubs most bands stuff a bit.  Not that night.  They played like they were in a stadium.  If you have the need to pit, every time, you  have to see em.  No production, just music.  Very refreshing.  With effervesces.


The show is, hands down you will not sit down.  The show will bust your head open like a sweet ripe casaba mellon.  If you’ve had one you’d know. Solid from beginning to end.. The mix of new and old is seamless.  The cool part is a Johnny Cash tune in the middle. Radically cool.  If your on the fence on thinking this isn’t a serious metal show.  You will be surprise on every level.  Does the former Anthrax guitarist perk your interest.  GO OUT AND SEE THEM..



From the mind of John Reese, comes one of the premier destination festivals.  His collaboration with Slipknot has created Something that can’t be missed.  The first year laid down the standard for all festivals.  The musical line up alone was top tear all the way.  With four stages of the best bands out there.  I have to admit the Friday pre show was amazing.  All VIP and campers got a Friday pre show to kick of the weekend.  The vibe was electric and everyone that showed knew this was going to be a great weekend.

Attractions were another great touch.  The tent with Slipknot memorabilia was super killer along with the hand picked carnival rides.  The venders were solid and if you didn’t get your event Zippo ya missed out.  Did I mention the stilt people?  Ya stilt people.  Food and beverage was quality as well.  It was managed right and moved quickly.  If your going to buy the VIP, get the lounge.  That thing was an oasis of cool.  Let’s just say metal and comfortable couches are the way to go.

Spend the money, get the RV and meet up with the rest of the maggots.  This will be SoCal’s premier show case for years to come.



Northern California now has it’s festival.  Aftershock is a 2 day festival that has the chops to keep and bring’m in for sell out after sell out. Starting in a downtown Sac park and now outside of Rocklin this festival is just cool.  The promoters have done it right by mixing up the line ups and giving everyone what they want.  If Zakk is your man then your there.  If Tec Nine is…. Your there.. The weekend will deliver on every band and the flow is perfect.  4 stages of non stop music all day.

In true NoCal style, the food and beverage is perfect.  Venders, perfect.  The layout is manageable surprisingly there’s no bleed from the other stages.  They have sound gurus that pull off magic.  Every year the festival get’s better and better.  From acts to that really good BBQ truck (great sauce).  For those in need of the comfort, (yes you need it) the VIP experience is super cool classy.  You can be refined and sport a Maiden shirt all day long.

Aftershock is a premier destination festival.  Trains, planes and automobiles.  Get to the show.